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Mar 11

Written by: Dan Maas
3/11/2011  RssIcon

The Board of Education hosted a discussion item on Thursday, 3/10/11 about Social Media. We recruited participants via Twitter (my account is dmaas354) and used a number of Social Media tools for the discussion:

Google Sites: We hosted a page at a Google site within our Google Apps for Education domain www.lpsk12.org

Prezi: I wrote a presentation using the web-based presentation system and chose to do so not just to display this different medium, but because I think it was well suited for my task. Specifically, I like Prezi better than Power Point for discussions that entail a big idea made of constituent parts. In other situations, Power Point is my preferred tool when I need to present highly animated action on screen. You can see how my Prezi used a Venn Diagram on the topic here:



Ustream.tv: We used a web-cam to capture the discussion but didn't bother with video quality. In retrospect, I should have asked to just display an image instead of the fuzzy video since I was only interested in audio. The scenario I was looking for was for remote visitors to listen to the dialog, peruse the Prezi and engage in the CoverItLive discussion. Watching us talk on screen was not important. Ustream is something we use extensively in the district. You can get the stream here:

CoverItLive: This was the crux of the remote participation. We used Twitter to market and recruit participants who hailed from around the world. We assigned moderators to different roles which I will describe next. To get the live text of the discussion, go here:


Kirk Henwood: Executive Director of Human Resources from Montrose and a leader in 21st century learning among administrators in our State. Kirk can often be found tweeting and blogging at the CASE conferences. Follow Kirk on Twitter:@khenwood Kirk was our CoverItLive moderator and was on-site. His responsibility was facilitate the text dialog with prompting questions and to make sure no inappropriate messages were inserted into the flow.

Karl Fisch: Arapahoe High School, LPS. Karl teaches a math class and directs the technology for the school as our primary contact. He is author of the the Did You Know (or Shift Happens) YouTube video and blogs for the Huffington Post. Follow Karl on Twitter: @karlfisch Karl was our marketing director leveraging his extensive network to make sure people knew about the event. Karl posted tweets leading to the event and invited people from around the world to participate. Karl also transposed interesting ideas from the CoverItLive back to Twitter to help make the #BoardChat hashtag resontate to attract attention. Karl contributed his part from home.

Mike Porter: Technology Director at Englewood Schools. Mike worked in LPS until this year and now is heading up the technology program for our neighbors to the North. Follow Mike on Twitter: @mporteres Mike's responsibility was to have links ready to contribute into the dialog and to research on the fly during the conversation. Mike was able to insert timely links to articles and pictures that facilitated the depth of the conversation. Mike did his part from home.

Randy Stall: Integration Specialist, LPS. Randy is Conference Chair for the TIE conference this year and has been a member of the TIE Board for twelve years. Randy was responsible for the Ustream.tv feed and managed the web-cam. Randy also helped build the Google site and setup the CoverItLive.

Dana Levesque: Integration Specialist, LPS. Dana was home and engaged in the dialog bringing examples from LPS teachers and other ideas to the conversation. Dana also attended the K12 District Instructional Leadership meeting in the morning where we had the same topic. She was responsible for bringing some of the discussion from that meeting into this one.

These and many others contributed significantly to the conversation.  The Board enjoyed the discussion and we will take what we've learned here and take some ideas for policy considerations back in the future.  In the mean time, will your Board tackle this?  Hopefully we'll hear from you via the #BoardChat hashtag!


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