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By Dan Maas on 8/15/2008
The video conferencing tool for web cams that makes video calls anywhere in the world for free.
By Dan Maas on 8/15/2008
Online photo storage and slideshows supported by Google. Now you can keep your photos easily available online and even embed a slide show.
By Dan Maas on 8/15/2008
Word processor, spreadsheet and presentation system all online meaning your documents are easy to share, hard to lose and a breeze to co-edit.
By Dan Maas on 8/15/2008
Have your own live video streaming channel on your web site. All you need is an online computer and web cam...
By Dan Maas on 8/15/2008
Instead of blogging, this is LIVE blogging. No need to refresh your web page, this blog tool scrolls the comments in real time.
By Dan Maas on 8/15/2008
One of the most common blogging sites on the planet. This free, hosted solution represents one option for starting your own blog.
By Dan Maas on 8/14/2008
This is the free, open source answer to webex... setup webinars and conferences by sharing your video feed and desktop over the web.
By Dan Maas on 8/14/2008
Every Tuesday morning, I like to grab a cup of coffee at 6:30 AM... a perfect time for a quick chat.
By Dan Maas on 8/13/2008
This afternoon, I'm starting an new blog to supplement this blog... the new one is all about Web 2.0 tools.
By Dan Maas on 8/11/2008
At the TIE Conference and at CASE this summer, I gave out a simple table describing student learning behaviors in 21st Century classrooms that we have observed over the years.
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