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By Dan Maas on 1/25/2011
Some of my readers may be in college, or grad school, or soon to be.  For you, it is not too late.  Some readers may be in high school and for you, the timing couldn't be better!  But for those of us who have completed our degrees (and don't have immediate plans to return for more... you never know, right?), you just need to file this under "born too early."

Recently, a colleague of close, familial ties told me about a nifty web tool called Zotero.  This site has a small download that plugs into Firefox (sorry IE and Safari fans...) which is of course available for Windows, Mac and Linux... for free.  The Zotero download will install this seemingly insignificant little icon in the lower right corner of your Firefox browser:

But don't be fooled.  Click the button and the lower border of the browser window opens to show a control panel of references you can keep ranging from web sites, to books, to journal...
By Dan Maas on 1/5/2011
This blog post is an important alert for IT staff and owners of iOS devices.  The message: It is possible for a settings change on a Microsoft Exchange server to force iPhone, iTouch, iPad and even Macbooks to lose functionality.

The story: On Monday, my Safari and Camera apps vanished from my iPhone.  I spent the evening searching various forums looking for a cause but could only find "you moved it" or "you hid it" explanations.  Knowing I had done neither of those things and knowing how to check to make sure, I was left to wonder if I was experiencing the leading edge of the next Apple glitch.  After all, we had just experienced the alarm clock bug which Apple was not quick to own...

By Tuesday morning, I still hadn't figured it out, including having run a complete update to the very latest iOS version 4.2.  After grumbling to myself out loud during a meeting, another iPhone owner in our district sat up and noted that she had lost the apps too.  In short order, the pieces came together.

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