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By Dan Maas on 10/27/2009
Thanks again to our participants who joined us for the Lunch-n-Learn session last week! We had about 10 people attend in person and another 12 who viewed online in real time.

Here is a recording of the session:

This time, we used ustream.tv instead of the dimdim.com site and seemed to have better results this time. It felt a little weird by running two computers (the presentation station and the ustream.tv station), but it wasn't too bad. I would enjoy reading any comments about the session experience or the quality of the recording from your perspective...

By Dan Maas on 10/19/2009
Since 2006, the National School Boards Association has selected 20 educators from across the United States to honor as leaders in the use of technology in their classrooms.  Two years ago, we were thrilled to nominate our own Karl Fisch who was selected for the 2007 awards.  This year, we again have cause to celebrate as not just one, but two LPS educators were selected!

Anne Smith is a Language Arts teacher at Arapahoe High School who routinely uses blogs to facilitate discussion, reflection and communication as students tackle literature ranging from the classics to the most modern texts you might find on the New York Times Best Sellers list.  It is a common occurence now for educators, authors, community leaders to tune in to class discussions or contribute to blog discussions.  Her class activity on the book, A Whole New Mind has involved members of our Board of Education, the Superintendent,...
By Dan Maas on 10/6/2009
What is blog storming?  Think of the old biplane days when a pilot would guide the airplane at stunning speeds through a barn bringing along a whirlwind of noise and energy into an otherwise quiet environment... well, the 21st Century equivalent might be when a classroom teacher equipped with 30 or so netbooks and a class of expert blogging students swoops down onto a blog that has posed an interesting question... and leaves some 30 comments in the space of 10 minutes!  Imagine the owner of the blog that has setup the system to alert her on each posting... all of a sudden, the email box becomes a flurry of blog comment notices!

My friends, that is blog storming and it looks like several of our teachers in LPS blog stormed at the NSBA (see the post here) in the last day or so.  No telling if more storms are on the way... because that's how we do things here in LPS.  Kids are learning to find their voices...
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