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By Dan Maas on 10/7/2011
 This is not the first time I have blogged or commented upon 21st Century Skills, but since it seems to still be the 21st Century and will be for some time yet, I think the conversation is still valid.  Certainly we need to stop talking about them as if they are brand new or in the future tense, but let us never cease to debate what's really important for kids to learn.

The slide show I linked here is an effort to describe what I see as an important distinction among the literacy skills of today; specifically there are skills that are timeless and there are skills that are new.  To emphasize one set without the other would be an incomplete approach.

Certainly the list of skill concepts I've placed in the red box representing timeless skills are not new.  I hope...
By Dan Maas on 10/3/2011
Today, the Digital Divide that seperates those with online computers at home and those that don't is getting smaller.  More and more opportunities exist to help needy families get online.  Here are some examples:



In both cases, families can apply for the lower rate.  It does require demonstrating financial need, but it's better than being faced with full price.  I also appreciate the effort to help families acquire netbooks and even basic Internet training.  And I can assure families that those netbooks offered in these ads will work quite nicely with our wifi services in LPS schools and with our Google Docs services.  Thanks to...
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