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Legislative Committee
Legislative Priorities
2014 Legislation
2014 Legislation

January 8th marked the beginning of the 2014 legislative session. Below is a bill report outlining the status of each bill introduced during the second regular session of the 69th convention of the Colorado General Assembly. Highlighted cells indicate changes from the previous day's bill report.

2014 Final Bill Report Legal Size 

2014 Final Bill Report Letter Size  

2014 Final Bill Report Spreadsheet 


2014 Legislative Digest from Colorado Consulting 


Here are a few items of interest for this session of the General Assembly:

How a Colorado Bill Becomes a Law

Letter to GA from Superintendents

Summary of Student Success Act 


Here are some links to useful information regarding school finance:

Explanation of School Finance 

Timeline of School Finance and Recent Major Reforms 

PowerPoint Handouts Summarizing Past, Present, and Future School Finance Acts 


For more information, please visit the Colorado General Assembly's website or Education News' website.

Weekly News

This section will be udpated upon the comencement of the legislative session in January 2015.

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