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  • Littleton Council for Educator Effectiveness (LCEE) is accepting members this fall

    LCEE is a committee that is mandated by the state of Colorado and provides input regarding the fairness, effectiveness, credibility and professional quality of the licensed personnel performance evaluation system and its processes and procedures.  If you are interested in being a member of LCCE and contributing your ideas and input, please preview our web page and apply today.

  • LPS moves to i-Ready Assessment in reading and mathematics for elementary students

    This fall, all students in grades Kindergarten through fifth will take the i-Ready diagnostic assessment in reading and mathematics. i-Ready is an online program that will help assess each student’s individual needs and monitor their progress throughout the school year. The assessment provider, Curriculum Associates, follows the highest level of student data privacy standards and are signators of the Student Data Privacy Pledge. The i-Ready assessments are closely aligned to the Colorado Academic Standards and provide teachers detailed information in the various domains of literacy and numeracy. The i-Ready results will become another piece of data that is reviewed along with classroom work, teacher observations and other achievement information in order to make the best instructional decisions possible for each student. Littleton Public Schools teachers and administrators are excited for this new level of information that the i-Ready assessments will provide. More information about i-Ready

  • DAC Membership for 2016-2017 School Year Is Open

    The District Accountability Committee (DAC) needs members to fill at-large seats for a two-year term, beginning this fall.  The DAC has some responsibilities mandated by Colorado statute and advises the Board of Education on various topics. Members regularly receive information about district programs and activities and serve as a communication link with schools and the community.  Interested applicants may download the application from the DAC page on the district website or contact Kerry Schaper, 303 347-3396 or kschaper@lps.k12.co.us, for more information.

  • ETAC Membership for 2016-2017 School Year is Open

    If you are interested in technology and would like to contribute ideas to technology initiatives in LPS, please apply to ETAC (Educational Technology Advisory Committee) today!  (For an explanation of the membership categories, please see the ETAC Membership section on the district website.    Ideas that have helped LPS become recognized as one of the most technologically advanced districts in America began with ETAC!   The ETAC committee meets on the first Wednesday of each month for two hours (6:00 - 8:00 PM) to provide vital advice on district technology. You do not need to be a technology expert to join the ETAC...you just need an interest in what technology can do for student learning.   If you have questions contact Gail Schillinger at 303-347-3350   *SPECIAL NOTE* This committee only meets 8 times throughout the school year.  Members are asked not to miss more than 2 meetings. 


Lenski Announcements

  • Student Fees Due This Week!

    If you haven't already paid your one-time $50 per student fee to Lenski Elementary to cover costs for field trips, classroom supplies such as art and technology supplies, and other classroom activities throughout the school year, please be sure to do so!    You may pay the $50 fee per student online using a credit card here, or you can send in payment to the Lenski Office using this form. Fees are due by this SATURDAY, October 1, 2016. Thank you.  

  • Comprehensive School Climate Survey

      Dear Lenski parents and guardians,   We are excited to invite you to participate in the Comprehensive School Climate Inventory (CSCI), which is part of our ongoing effort to promote a safe and healthy culture at Lois Lenski Elementary School.  Our superintendent, Brian Ewert, recently emailed all LPS parents to introduce this survey that will collect anonymous feedback from students (grades 3-12), staff, and parents about the school environment.   During the month of October, in association with Colorado Safe Schools Month, we are inviting you to participate by sharing your opinions about the culture and climate of your child's school.  The survey will be available beginning on 10/1.  You will receive an email when it becomes available.   We believe that gathering feedback about school climate will help guide our efforts to provide supportive learning environments for all students, and you play an important role in this process. If you have children at multiple schools, you can choose to complete a survey for each school or choose the school where you would most like to share your voice. If you have more than one child at the same school, you need only complete one survey.   Lenski staff will administer the survey to students during the day on October 11th.   We are grateful for your participation and support of this exciting opportunity. Please contact us with any questions.  Additional information including opt out procedures is available on the district website.   Sincerely, Barbara DeSpain, Lenski Principal Jean Vogel, Lenski Office Sabine Baez, School Psychologist

  • New Enrichment Flyers are Now On Lenski's Web

      Please be aware of two new enrichment flyers posted on the Lenski website.    The Ceramics class begins October 19th and runs for 5 weeks.  This class is offered to K-5 grade students. Computer Game Creation offered by Bits, Bytes and Bots will begin onOctober 11th and run through November 1.     Flyers for both classes can be found on the Lenski website. Space is limited in both classes and they will fill up fast.   Enrollment forms for Ceramics should be sent to the Lenski Office, while enrollment for Computer Game Creation is now handled through Bits Bytes and Bots as directed on the form on the website.   Please check the Lenski Website regularly for new flyers posted for upcoming enrichment classes. 

  • Log Southglenn Receipts Electronically

    Hate Paper Receipts?  How to Log an Electronic Receipt:   1.  Go to the Street Smarts website.  2.  Click on the Red Button that says:  Log e-Receipts Online 3.  Fill in the required information and upload a photo of the receipt   Simple as that!  Thanks for helping Lenski earn money for things you are doing already!   Last year Lenski earned $500 from our Street Smarts Program at the Streets at SouthGlenn!   Do you know where that money goes?  It goes right back into making more money for Lenski!  We use the $500 to buy gift cards that are than used in raffles and at auctions.  A $25 gift card to the movies and a $50 gift card to Mellow Mushroom can bring in over $200 to our school in a raffle, maybe more!   


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